Dear Students of Westminster Choir College,

As you know, Rider University is now conducting a study to see if a one-campus model would be a more viable option for the future.  This means that there is a possibility that the Westminster Choir College property in Princeton would be sold and all classes and students moved to Lawrenceville where they would be integrated with the rest of Rider University.

We vehemently oppose this. 

Help us save our beloved campus.  You are the future of all of Westminster’s wonderful traditions.  You are its legacy.  Your voices NEED to be heard.  When you chose Westminster Choir College, you chose a small campus in a beautiful location which is full of history and inspiration.  You chose a conservatory atmosphere instead of a large university.  Rider University is preparing to take that away from you.

How can you help?

There are a few actions that we ask you to take to help us win the fight to keep Westminster Choir College in Princeton:

  1. Read and sign this letter and return either by email to  There are many “photo to pdf” apps that you can use for this purpose.
  2. Read and sign this petition:  This petition is to elected officials, state and federal education officials, and the Rider University Board of Trustees.
  3. Call President Dell’Omo’s office.  State your opposition to this study and the option of selling the Westminster Choir College campus.  609-896-5001
  4. Email President Dell’Omo (  State your opposition to this study and the option of selling the Westminster Choir College campus.  Please CC us at so that we can put them on our Student Letters of Support Page.
  5. Work together with your fellow students and SGA to make it known that you oppose the move.  When you return in January there will be very little time left before the study is complete.  Let the University know how you feel, and speak up!

Thank you for continuing the tradition of excellence at Westminster Choir College.  With your help, we can preserve the future and secure the Westminster Choir College campus and educational experience for many more generations.