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Today President Dell’Omo and Dean Onofrio toured Westminster Choir College with a group of Chinese investors.  Although we don’t have full confirmation which Chinese company it is, I believe, based on our complaint filed in the Southern District of New York, that it is Guanghua Eduation Group.  The reason for this is that the other groups listed in our legal complaint (see paragraph 124) are all real estate developers and are not interested, or even capable of running a school.
Guanghua Education Group is a commercial developer of private, for-profit business and language high schools.  They do not operate any schools at the collegiate level.  They teach high school curricula and bilingual curricula to Chinese students.  What interest do they have in Westminster Choir College?  Consistent with their present business plan they may wish to  turn the WCC campus into a for-profit school of English for Chinese students.
This unprecedented selling of a non-profit school has never been done in the history of the United States.  We don’t know what type of agreement they’re drafting, we don’t know what type of protections there are for Westminster Choir College students.  Will they honor their scholarships?  Do current students need to begin auditioning for new schools next year?  Will they retain the faculty?  Will tuition and salaries be similar to what they are now?
Rider has said that they will close the campus if they do not find a buyer for WCC by the end of June 2018. There has been talk that Rider will be sending pink slips to WCC faculty by October 31, 2017.  No matter what, Rider has stated that it will not be responsible to pay the faculty salary and benefits after June, 2018.
There is no reason for Rider University to sell Westminster Choir College.  If they do not want to operate WCC, they should allow Westminster to revert to its independent status again.
Please see the attached 2nd Amended Complaint filed against rider on September 25, 2017. It contains numerous personal claims by the Plaintiffs which should dispose of Rider’s objection to the “general jurisdiction” of the prior complaint. Rider has until October 20th to answer or make a motion.

Click here to view the complaint.

Overall Claims for Relief and the Counts begin on page 29.

Specific Student and Parent Plaintiffs Additional Claims for Relief, Counts VII, VIII, IX, X and XI begin on page 35.

Specific Alumni and Supporter Plaintiffs Additional Claims for Relief, Counts XII, XIII and XIV begin on page 45.