We welcome the announcement by Westminster Choir College faculty demanding to know the identity of its potential purchaser currently in negotiations with Rider University.   We have been sounding the alarm since December 6 when Rider University first announced their “study” to move Westminster Choir College to the Lawrenceville campus.  We have been outspoken in our opposition and our resolve never wavered.

As parents of current students who pay tuition, our sole interest is ensuring our children receive the high-quality music education at Westminster Choir College in Princeton that they were promised by Rider University.  We and our children have put ourselves at great personal risk taking a stand and filing our federal lawsuit against Rider University for violating the 1991 Merger Agreement between then Rider College and Westminster Choir College, among other claims.

We vehemently oppose the sale of Westminster Choir College to a foreign, Chinese, for-profit company, that has no experience in higher education.
Furthermore, as stakeholders, students and parents have the right to know:
  1. What protections will Rider and the prospective partner have in place for Westminster Choir College?  Is there any guarantee that the new partner will continue to operate Westminster Choir College for many years, or will they turn it into a Chinese language school?
  2. Will the prospective partner honor current scholarships?  How do students and parents begin to fill out the FAFSA for next year if they are uncertain what the tuition and fees will be, or what institution WCC will be a part of?
  3. What happens if the deal with the new partner falls through?  Will Rider continue to operate this campus, or will they move it to Lawrenceville where the Rider Board of Trustees already decided that they don’t have the facilities?

In April, the Rider University AAUP passed a no-confidence vote against President Gregory Dell’Omo.  In accord with this vote, we demand that the Rider University Board of Trustees immediately fire Gregory Dell’Omo for his short-sightedness and improper handling of this situation.

Matt Koller
Parent, Lawsuit Plaintiff, Alumnus and Trustee
The Coalition to Save Westminster Choir College
in Princeton, Inc.

Mona Davids
Parent, Lawsuit Plaintiff and Trustee
The Coalition to Save Westminster Choir College
in Princeton, Inc.