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Westminster Choir College alumni, parents, and students have come together to form the Coalition to Save Westminster Choir College in Princeton.

Our mission is to keep Westminster Choir College of Rider University at its current location in Princeton, New Jersey.

Westminster’s rigorous, residential conservatory experience is uniquely tied to its historic Princeton campus. The buildings on the Princeton campus were designed to address the needs of today’s music students, and specifically those of Westminster music students.

Rider University is currently considering selling the Princeton campus and is conducting a study to consider the feasibility of merging our two campuses into one on the Rider campus.

Our position:

  • We believe that moving Westminster to the Rider campus in Lawrenceville, NJ, will not be in the best interest of the long-term health of the Choir College and we vehemently oppose this move.
  • We believe that there is no realistic plan which could accommodate the needs of Westminster Choir College in a new location, nor the available funds to provide for such a move.
  • We are concerned that the livelihood and survival of Westminster is in the hands of leadership that has not adequately considered alternatives, demonstrated wise stewardship of the university’s resources, or effectively maintained transparent and open communication between Rider University and Westminster Choir College.
  • Finally, we know our graduates have transformed thousands of lives through their service to music. The value and stature Westminster currently enjoys in the international music community will be compromised by such a hasty move.

We are just beginning our campaign, and are committed to moving ahead purposefully and quickly.  We must face this challenge together and speak with one clear and very strong voice.  Our presence in the world is needed and requires special commitment and consistent care to continue. Please go to our website at to learn more.


Constance Fee

President, Alumni Council

Westminster Choir College


James Busby

Vice President, Alumni Council

Westminster Choir College