Timeline of Advocacy Efforts To Save WCC in Princeton

  • December 6, 2016
    The Email That Shook Our World
    Gregory Dell'Omo, Rider University President, sends an email to students informing them of a "study" being conducted to move WCC to Lawrenceville at the end of the school year.
  • December 6
    Davids begins organizing the advocacy and public relations campaign to fight any move to Lawrenceville or closure of WCC.
  • December 6
    Davids begins creating the website, creating the first logo, adding copy, video and images.
  • December 7, 2016
    Koller emails Gregory Dell'Omo Requesting A Meeting
  • December 7, 2016
    Davids launches petition demanding answers from Rider University, advising them to trim the administration fat, reminding them that students WCC enrolled for the Legacy of Excellence, highly qualified faculty, campus location and facilities, that cannot be moved. https://www.change.org/p/rider-university-board-of-trustees-save-westminster-choir-college
  • December 7, 2016
    DAVIDS Arranges for Student and Alumni Performance on Fox 5 NY to Support WCC and Oppose Moving or Closing WCC
  • December 8, 2016
    DAVIDS Calls and Leaves Message for Art Taylor, then AAUP President
  • December 8, 2016
    Art Taylor Returns the Call from Davids. Collaborative and Supportive Relationship With AAUP, Our Biggest Ally Begins
  • December 8, 2016
    Fee Introduces Davids to Koller and Baron.
  • December 9, 2016
    Koller meets with Gregory Dell'omo, Rider University President
    Read the summary of Koller's meeting at https://www.savewestminster.org/parent-and-alumnus-matt-koller-summary-of-meeting-with-gregory-dellomo-president-of-rider-university/
  • December 14, 2016
    Davids Calls The Princeton Historic Commission To Inquire About Landmark Status for WCC
  • December 14, 2107
    Davids Conducts Search for a Professional Consultant To Develop the Landmark Proposal
  • December 16, 2016
    Letters written to parents, students, alumni, and supporters
  • December 16, 2016
    Davids Setups The Conference Call and Video Conference Account
  • January 4, 2017
    Haffner Creates Save Westminster Campaign Video
    Watch the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJCN0fm6ozk&t=4s
  • January 5, 2017
    WCC Students and Alumni Perform on Good Day NY on Fox 5 NY
    Davids organizes TV appearance on Good Day NY.
  • January 5, 2017
    Fee, Davids and Student Mymoena Davids attend Princeton Planning Council Evening Meeting
  • January 13, 2017
    Rider VP Sends Fee and Koller An Email Threatening To Sue Over Save Westminster Website Images, Videos and Logo
    Fee, Koller and Baron want to take down all images, videos and logo. Davids reminds them that she owns the website and advises them to inform Rider VP Meer so they are not legally responsible. Davids advises Fee, Koller and Baron that Meer and Rider can sue her, the website owner.
  • January 16, 2017
    Rider VP Sends Davids An Email Threatening To Sue Over Save Westminster Website Images, Videos and Logo
    Meer and Davids communicate via email. Davids refuses to remove images and videos unless copyrighted. Mona advises she will only remove the Rider crest. Davids removes crest, keeps logo accompanying text and Matt Koller creates new logo crest. Website stays up with all images, videos and beautiful new crest.
  • January 14, 2017
    Koller Creates Revised Coalition Logo With New Crest
  • January 17, 2017
    Koller Holds Video Conference With WCC Student Government Association Officers
  • February 7, 2017
    Davids Organizes Town Hall Forum in Princeton
  • March 16, 2017
    The Coalition To Save Westminster Choir College In Princeton, Inc. Is Incorporated As A NJ Non-Profit Corporation
  • March 17, 2017
    Koller Creates Official Coalition Letterhead
  • March 18, 2017
    Koller Redesigns The Coalition Logo
  • March 21, 2017
    Koller Secures Coalition Federal EIN
  • March 21, 2017
    Koller Opens Coalition P.O. Box In Cape Coral, FL
  • March 21, 2017
    Koller Opens Coalition Bank Account
  • March 28, 2017
    Koller Is Interviewed on WWFM
  • March 28, 2017
    Koller Organizes and Moderates Press Conference At Rider University
  • June 9, 2017
    Koller Organizes The Press Conference Announcing Former Governor Tom Kean Is Honorary Chair
  • June 20, 2017
    Lawsuit Is Filed By Individuals Against Rider University For Violating the 1991 Merger Agreement. The Coalition is NOT a Plaintiff on the Lawsuit.
  • July 14, 2017
    Amendment to the Lawsuit Complaint is Filed. The Coalition is NOT a Plaintiff on the Lawsuit.
  • August 18, 2017
    Rider University Files Motion To Dismiss The 1991 Merger Agreement Violation Lawsuit. The Coalition is NOT a Plaintiff on the Lawsuit.
    View Rider's Dismissal Motion and supporting documents. https://www.savewestminster.org/rider-university-files-motion-to-dismiss-the-1991-merger-agreement-violation-lawsuit/
  • August 20, 2017
    Attorney Eric Vaughn-Flam Files Notice of Appearance To Represent ALL Student and Parent Plaintiffs
    View Notice of Appearance online at: https://www.savewestminster.org/attorney-eric-vaughn-flam-files-notice-of-appearance-to-represent-all-student-and-parent-plaintiffs/

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